We’ll bring your music to your fans

Find an Audience for Your Music

Your music might be good, but your career won’t be great unless people are listening. Don’t let your hard work be wasted. Join the Crude City Records family, and let us put you in front of the people searching for your music.

Your fans will never hear your music if they don’t know where to find it. Let our team of professional marketers put you and your music in front of them. They’re going to love you.

To speak with a member of our marketing team, call Crude City Records today at 432-271-0024.

Giving you a step up on the competition

Mediums we use to market you

Crude City Records uses several platforms to market you and your music. Some of the main ways we’ll get you noticed include:

Promoting and selling your CD’s
Creating and selling branded clothing
Streaming your music on our website

To learn more about how we’ll market your work, contact us today.